2013 Panini Black Friday Pack Break Hrx - No Hype Ep 151

2013 Panini Black Friday Pack Break HRX – No Hype EP 151

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In NO way shape or form am I claiming to be a card guy or trying to cash in on the break trend but I am a collector of all things hip hop and with that being said, I will purchase sports cards if they cross into the hip hop realm which we know they do. Sports and hip hop, especially basketball have been crossing paths since the beginning. When I found out that panini released some sort of licensed Biggie , Pac and Snoop cards in their 2013 Black Friday release I had to hunt down some packs and take them out of circulation. Of course I did some research and found out that the HRX cards are pretty common and I made an educated guess that I have approximately a 1out of 3 chance to score a hip hop hrx card out of these 2013 Panini Black Friday packs. So of course I hunted down 3 packs to test my theory.

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2013 Panini Black Friday Pack Break HRX – No Hype EP 151


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