2021 Braxton Creek Bushwhacker Plus 17FD Teardrop Camper for Sale | RV Dealer in Grand Rapids, MI

Looking for a smaller teardrop RV to tow? These are the “IT” RV and hard to keep in stock at Veurink’s RV Center!

Join Joel, is he is here to give you a brief tour of this popular Bushwhacker Plus 17FD front dinette model teardrop camper. Compact, but filled with amenities to enrich your RV experience this RV season – these Braxton Creek Bushwhacker teardrop campers are the thing to have! Lightweight, practical and ready for adventures.

Joel is not able to touch on everything in this video, so please call or text him at: 616.965.9623!

SHOP TEARDROP CAMPERS: https://www.veurinksrv.com/–inventory?condition=new&subcategory=travel%20trailer%20-%20teardrop

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