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Prophetic Priscilla Du Preez Unsplash
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As lovers of the prophetic, we get excited when we receive a prophetic word for ourselves, as we should. But what happens with that word after it is received and judged to be the word of the Lord? Our response to our prophetic words affects their outcome.


Sometimes our prophetic words come to pass by the providence of God’s hand. This sovereign outcome of a prophetic word is the exception rather than the rule though. If you are excitedly expecting the providence of God to dictate the unfolding of your destiny, you may get stuck in a holding pattern for quite a while.


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Sometimes we are excited to get a prophetic word that resonates with our spirits. But then we put the word “on the shelf” until we eventually forget about it or feel it has “expired.” A response of passivity with our prophetic words will rarely lead to us to experience their fulfillment.


I have a sense that many of us have been kept from walking out our prophetic words for fear of presumption. To be presumptuous by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition is to “overstep due bounds.” We don’t want to be presumptuous with what God has said about us. That’s a valid concern, but I think our idea of presumption may not line up with the Bible’s picture of it. A misunderstanding of presumption can result in an unwanted outcome of not moving at all.


Because God’s value is relationship, His methodology is partnership. Partnering with your word is more than expectantly receiving it. It’s more than agreeing with it. Partnering requires action steps.

When God gives us prophetic words, He does not always tell us how it is going to happen. Without a clear plan from the Lord, we rely on inferred permission as sons and daughters to walk out what God expressed He intends for us. If you believe God has spoken to you, don’t be afraid to put some feet to your faith and take a step into partnership with that word.

To hear these outcomes unpacked with Scripture and examples, listen to Bethany Hicks on this episode of Prophetic Company on the Charisma Podcast Network. Torch1

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