ASK This Old House | Custom Screen Door, Paint Trim (S18 E18) FULL EPISODE

Ross tests out some new smart lighting configurations; Tom helps a homeowner build a custom screen door to fit her unique front entryway; Richard gives some general advice on maintaining a washing machine; Mauro teaches a homeowner some techniques to paint old 1960s wood trim with a varnish on it.

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Ross demonstrated the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer, which is designed to work with Philips Hue light bulbs and is manufactured by Lutron.

To build the frame of the door, Tom used 5/4” x 8” x 8’ straight grain fir. For exterior doors, Tom finds it very important to prevent the wood from warping in any direction, which is why he recommended using a combination of a half lap and a floating tenon for the joinery. To make those cuts, he used a Domino Joiner, which is manufactured by Festool and a Jobsite Saw Pro, which is manufactured by SawStop.

To trim the door to size, Tom used a TS 55 circular saw, which is also manufactured by Festool.

The corner accent brackets and the antique hardware were either found or salvaged by the homeowner, but similar products can be found online, at hardware stores, at specialty woodworking shops, or antique sales/salvage yards. The hinges and the screen door compressor can both be bought at home centers. In this case, Tom used heavy duty screen door hardware to handle the weight of the large door, and two compressors on the top and bottom of the door to control the swing of the heavy door and to ensure it closed tightly.

The screening material they used for the door can be found at any home center. Tom recommends using clamps to slightly bow the door during the installation of the screen to ensure a tight fit. To secure the trim pieces over the screen, Tom used a 20V Max Cordless Bradnailer, which is manufactured by Dewalt.

Braided stainless steel washing machine hoses can be found at home centers.

The timed washing machine valve that only keeps pressure on the hoses for a set period of time is the Time Out Automatic Shutoff Valve, manufactured by Keeney Manufacturing Company.

The washing machine valve that only operates when it senses a current draw from the washer is the IntelliFlow, manufactured by Watts.

Both of these valves can be ordered online or from a specialty plumbing supplier.

Mauro explained that in rooms with wood trim that has a finish applied to it, it’s helpful to lightly sand the surface using 220 grit sandpaper to give the paint more to adhere to. For this project, he used a ProSand Contour Sanding Sponge, which is manufactured by Norton Abrasives.

To ensure a solid base for the paint, Mauro primed the trim with Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer, which is manufactured by INSL-X. Mauro decided to do two coats of primer in this case, since he thought it was more important to ensure a strong, even base for the paint.

The other materials Mauro used to paint the trim, including the drop cloths, brushes, painter’s tape, and buckets, can all be found at home centers and paint supply stores.

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Products and Services from this Episode
Smart Lighting
Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer
Philips Hue light bulbs

Baird Brothers Fine Hardwoods

Cutting tools
Domino Joiner manufactured by Festool
Jobsite Saw Pro manufactured by SawStop
TS 55 circular saw manufactured by Festool

Brad nailer
20V Max Cordless Brad nailer manufactured by Dewalt

Timed washing machine valves
Time Out Automatic Shutoff Valve manufactured by Keeney Manufacturing Company
IntelliFlow manufactured by Watts

Sanding tool
ProSand Contour Sanding Sponge manufactured by Norton Abrasives

Stix Waterborne Bonding Primer manufactured by INSL-X

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ASK This Old House | Custom Screen Door, Paint Trim (S18 E18) FULL EPISODE


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