Futura X Super7 X Unkle Sdcc 2017 Box Set - No Hype Ep 219

Futura x Super7 x Unkle SDCC 2017 Box Set – No Hype EP 219


2017 Super7 UNKLE77 Action Figure Box Sets San Diego Comic Con Futura 2000
Today we have a figure that has a lot of history and pedigree behind it. This figure is part of Super7’s amazing ReAction Figure line, but it’s special in that it’s a recreation of the legendary Pointman figures designed by Ben Drury and based on the work of famous graffiti writer and artist Futura2000. They were created in 1998 to celebrate the UK Trip Hop collective UNKLE, headed by James Lavelle. Fast forward over 20 years later and Lavelle links up with Super7 to bring us this amazing recreation. This version was a San Diego Comic Con exclusive in 2017 and comes with a 7inch vinyl record of one of UNKLE’s hits. Definitely for the collectors.

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Futura x Super7 x Unkle SDCC 2017 Box Set No Hype EP 219


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