How Are You Preparing to “Exit Rich” in Real Estate? w/ Sharon Lechter & Michelle Seiler Tucker

Sharon Lechter & Michelle Seiler Tucker have spent their careers focusing on one main goal: exiting rich. Whether you own a manufacturing business, a nail salon, or a portfolio of rental properties, you may one day be bought out in a fantastic fashion. In fact, that’s what their book “Exit Rich” is about!

Sharon and Michelle walk through the 6 Ps to a profitable exit, regardless of the business you’re in. This can help you as a real estate investor start putting systems in place to grow your portfolio faster and with less work from you later on. If you’re willing to put in the upfront effort to start hiring right, systematizing, and opting for efficiency you most certainly will “exit rich”!

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Episode 489

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
2:13 Quick Tip
3:07 Exiting Rich with Sharon and Michelle
10:14 Why Most Businesses Won’t Sell
15:46 P #1: People
24:50 P #2: Product
26:53 P #3: Processes
36:08 How are Companies Valued?
37:56 P #4: Proprietary
41:33 Company Names and Branding
56:30 P# 5: Patrons
1:03:01 P #6: Profit
1:07:24 Famous 4


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