Night of Worship & Ministry — Bethel Music x UPPERROOM x Michael Koulianos

Join us for a night of worship and ministry with our Bethel Music family and UPPERROOM, with a timely word from Michael Koulianos. Jesus is the only answer. He shows up in our deepest times of need. He is the only one who saves. He is the only one who brings peace to a troubled mind. He is more faithful than you can imagine. He is true. Call upon His name. Jesus is your breakthrough. Fix your eyes on Him.

Time Stamps:

2:21 – Raise A Hallelujah (Dante Bowe & Jenn Johnson)
8:41 – Rest On Us (Elyssa Smith)
17:30 – “We Welcome You With Praise” (Joel Figueroa)
24:42 – Good Grace (Dante Bowe)
33:56 – United church prayer with Jenn Johnson
36:00 – All Hail King Jesus (David Funk)
46:14 – “He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands” (Jenn Johnson)
53:41 – “You’re Still In Control” (Joel Figueroa)
59:20 – Revelation Song (Jenn Johnson)
1:09:15 – O Come Let Us Adore (Jenn Johnson)
1:19:37 – Only Jesus [SERMON] (Michael Koulianos)
2:20:04 – Worthy (John Wilds)
2:37:04 – What A Beautiful Name (Dante Bowe)
2:46:44 – Jesus I Love You/Holy and Anointed One (David Funk)
2:59:20 – Yeshua
3:11:15 – I Exalt Thee (Jenn Johnson)
3:22:27 – This Is What It Feels Like To Really Be Alive (Dante Bowe)

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