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Nomadic Fanatic many modes of transport

Eric, Nomadic Fanatic, tests how to take his motorcycle and car along while RVing. He thought of selling the motorcycle, but couldn’t bring himself to do so. After a little ride on it, he just had to figure a way to take it on the road with him. Towing a car was nice, but he wanted to take both. See what his solution was to hauling a motorcycle and a car with his class A RV.
Vancity Vanlife, Chrome has his own vehicle issues. He just bought an ambulance. This is not a replacement for his van. This is a channel project vehicle. He does a walk through and tells of his future plans for the rigs.
This and more on this nomad YouTube review.

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00:00- intro
00:56- Worms Eye View
04:17- SightSeeingSally
08:09- Nomadic Fanatic
14:02- Vancity Vanlife
22:43- Papa Texas
28:25- This Trippy Hippy
30:45- Chat
42:39- Planet Blair

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