Notorious B.i.g. Mezco Online Exclusive Figure - No Hype Ep 102

Notorious B.I.G. Mezco Online Exclusive Figure – No Hype Ep 102

#NotoriousBIG #MezcoExclusive #RareToys
In 2006 Mezco Launched the assault of Notorious B.I.G. action figures with 5 dope releases. This particular Notorious B.I.G. Figure was an Online exclusive on Mezco’s website. Must have been nice to buy stuff with out the competition of bots. This Mezco Online exclusive is the rarest of The Notorious B.i.G. releases from the capsule. Mezco did a great job Releasing these Notorious B.I.G. action figures and unfortunately other brands have beat the Biggie franchise down to the ground.

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