Save money at Walmart on high-tech toys for the kids (or yourself)


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TL;DR: Don’t let these big savings on drones, remote-controlled cars, and more at Walmart fly by you.

Like moths to a flame, so are humans to drones (seriously, have you ever met anyone of any age that isn’t excited by a drone flying overhead?). So, whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else, or are delighted by the prospect of piloting such a gift for yourself, you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you see the great deals on drones at Walmart right now. Get ready to have some end-of-summer fun that’s easy on your wallet and a good time for all.

Here are a few deals to get you excited:



Drone newbies rejoice: the Sky Rider Raven is easy to fly and hard to lose. GPS compatibility and Return Home technology make keeping up with this new toy easy, while four-channel direction control adds improved stability when flying. An adjustable WiFi camera can capture photos and videos and even stream live video to your phone.

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Perfect for the kids, this affordable drone can provide hours of fun with its LED lights and ability for 360-degree tricks and flips. It’s remarkably durable for the price, but also easy to learn, so those initial crashes and tumbles likely won’t continue after a little practice.

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What’s cooler than flying a drone? Flying a drone with voice control. And while making this Snaptain drone fly with voice commands is fun and simple, an easy-to-use remote with joystick controls may be more your speed if nuanced flying is your goal. Additional features like altitude hold mode to keep your drone flying high and one key takeoff and landing make this a great option for beginners and seasoned drone pilots alike.

Save On High-Tech Toys Through The End Of August At Walmart

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