Shudder’s very tense ‘The Boy Behind the Door’ trailer really ratchets up the suspense levels


Lead Img Shudder The Boy Behind The Door Trailer

If your best friend is in mortal danger, is it better to run for help or go back to try to rescue them yourself? 

In Justin Powell and David Charbonier’s dark thriller The Boy Behind the Door — which sees two young boys kidnapped by a stranger and taken to a remote house — the latter option gets picked.

Cue a very tense cat-and-mouse game in which Bobby (Lonnie Chavis) attempts to save his friend Kevin (Ezra Dewey) from the room he’s been locked in, while evading the shadowy presence of the strange (and not to mention axe-wielding) man who took them.

The Boy Behind the Door drops on Shudder July 29.


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