Fire Starter Vadym Lebedych Unsplash

How the Lord Is Calling You to Be His Fire Starter — Charisma Magazine


Fire Starter Vadym Lebedych Unsplash
(Unsplash/Vadym Lebedych)

Are you feeling lost right now? Struggling with what to do, where to go and how to engage in a life that creates a sense of joy and accomplishment?

Recently I found myself in a place where I did not appreciate or understand how I got there. We have been diverted to an unknown road that seems to have no end in sight. On this road our futures look bleak, preventing our view of both sides of the road to go very deep.

I realized this morning how my lens has been covered over with attitudes of fear and hatred, not necessarily ones that I own, but rather placed upon me to keep me bound.

I want to live again. I want to use my voice again without someone stifling it. I want my joy back, quality relationships and laughter that lightens my soul. I want to live out my divine purpose.

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On the outside I feel trapped, unable to move. Yet on the inside there is a scream to let me go. Inside is a fire burning that I cannot keep contained any longer.

The Lord is saying, “I am making you a fire starter.” Fire starters create things, disrupt things and/or start things. They are the people who change the world, start movements and businesses, and innovate when others are content. They inspire others to be better, seek out situations where their impact can be maximized.

I believe God is sounding His alarm throughout the world to those who are willing to slip out of their slumber and begin creating new things for Him. He is calling forth disrupters who will start movements, innovate and inspire others to step into divine purposes igniting fires wherever they go.

Fire starters hear from heaven and declare truth that will result in repentance, deeper intimacy and divine positioning. Fire starters are those who ignite, breathe upon and fan the flames of revival, restoration, transformation and advancement of the kingdom of God. You are being summoned to become a fire starter.

Answer the call, for victory is yours. It is a now time to release the fire that is within you. Let it fan the flame of the greatest harvest we have ever seen. Listen to A New Level Awaits You on the Charisma Podcast Network now. Torch1

Lois Flewelling is an engaging speaker, teacher and author who flows in the prophetic anointing to empower individuals to walk out in their God-given destiny. She is an international speaker who teaches on how to enter and walk out in your God anointed assignments. Lois believes God is raising up an army of warriors to advance the kingdom of God and her mandate is to equip and train for this season. Go to for her books, online courses and blogs.

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