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Activity 15 | 8th std English | Bridge course book | Letter writing

सेतू अभ्यासक्रम 8वी: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnklpc08HDuITSdolCCHblWTkWTPN1UoT

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10th Bridge Course | English | Activity 6 | 10 वी चा सेतू अभ्यासक्रम |Maharashtra | @Study Best

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In this video you will get the answers of bridge course English Activity no. 6
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Free Time Activities in English

Learn how to speak about your free time and different leisure activities from this video
📙Category: English vocabulary
👨‍🎓Level: Elementary (A2), Pre-intermediate (B1)

0:06 the most popular free time activities in the UK and the USA
1:06 activity words with -ing (the #gerund, also known as the verbal noun)
1:56 activity words after DO, GO, PLAY
2:18 phrases with DO
2:55 do the shopping/do my shopping/go shopping
3:07 phrases with GO
3:45 phrases with PLAY
4:08 the definite article in the phrases “go to the cinema/the theatre/the gym”
4:22 difference between “go to the cinema” and “go to the movies”
4:38 difference between “see a film” and “watch a film”

✏️Write your examples and questions in the comments, and we will practise together!
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