This Old House | HVAC of the Future (S40 E3) | FULL EPISODE

Jeff shows Kevin how he’s framing the net zero house. Richard demonstrates heat loss and gain to design a balanced HVAC system. He and Don visit the International Builders Show.

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Now that the house is open, Kevin can see the old wiring and plumbing.

Jeff shows studs placed farther apart than the traditional practice, decreasing the amount thermal bridges which allow for heat to escape. Kevin helps him build a wall with insulated headers. They also frame the corners differently to allow for more insulation. With a model of the new project house, Richard shows what sun exposure and ventilation can do to a building. He and Donald show the latest technology from the International Builders Show. Now that the project house is opened up inside, Jeff points out a plumbing error made long ago. Electrician Ben Giles shows old knob and tube wiring that was still in use until demo started. He will soon strip out all the old wiring.

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This Old House | HVAC of the Future (S40 E3) | FULL EPISODE