Popular Vs Nerd Student. 12 Diy School Pranks And Hacks By 5-Minute Crafts

POPULAR VS NERD STUDENT. 12 DIY school pranks and hacks by 5-Minute crafts

Funny School Prank ideas only your Best Friends can handle

Since most of us are now back to school, let’s have some fun with our friends. Today, I show you some hilarious pranks and other fun ideas that will make you laugh. All of them are lighthearted, so feel free to share them with your best buddies.
You can use cable ties to tie your friend’s spiral notebook. They won’t be able to open it unless they’ve got a pair of scissors.
Another fun trick is to stick a small coin underneath the sink faucet and wait for your friend to go and wash their hands.
You can also take a screen protector, smash it with a hammer and pretend that your friend dropped your phone while you were handing it over to them.
You can also create some gummy worms using coke and gelatin, add them inside your friend’s sandwich and make them believe they’re eating real yucky slimy worms.

1:02 – The fake sneeze
2:06 – Fake broken phone screen prank
4:56 – Funny melted chocolate prank
6:36 – Maltesers prank
8:14 – Funny ketchup prank

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135 Medicom X Pharrell X I Am Other Rah Action Figure - No Hype Ep 135

135 Medicom x Pharrell x I Am Other RAH Action Figure – No Hype Ep 135

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The company that brought you the infamous Bearbrick figures for over a decade, Medicom, dropped this amazingly detailed Pharrell Williams (N.E.R.D, Neptunes) action figure. This figure was released on the BBC (Billionaire Boys Club) website in 2017 and was an instant classic for fans of both Pharrell and Medicom. With the perfect, real cloth recreation of Pharrell’s 2014 Grammy outfit down to the Bee Line Timberlands. This is a must have for any serious collector.

135 Medicom x Pharrell x I Am Other RAH Action Figure – No Hype Ep 135

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