How Are You Preparing to “Exit Rich” in Real Estate? w/ Sharon Lechter & Michelle Seiler Tucker

Sharon Lechter & Michelle Seiler Tucker have spent their careers focusing on one main goal: exiting rich. Whether you own a manufacturing business, a nail salon, or a portfolio of rental properties, you may one day be bought out in a fantastic fashion. In fact, that’s what their book “Exit Rich” is about!

Sharon and Michelle walk through the 6 Ps to a profitable exit, regardless of the business you’re in. This can help you as a real estate investor start putting systems in place to grow your portfolio faster and with less work from you later on. If you’re willing to put in the upfront effort to start hiring right, systematizing, and opting for efficiency you most certainly will “exit rich”!

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Episode 489

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
2:13 Quick Tip
3:07 Exiting Rich with Sharon and Michelle
10:14 Why Most Businesses Won’t Sell
15:46 P #1: People
24:50 P #2: Product
26:53 P #3: Processes
36:08 How are Companies Valued?
37:56 P #4: Proprietary
41:33 Company Names and Branding
56:30 P# 5: Patrons
1:03:01 P #6: Profit
1:07:24 Famous 4


RENTING VS BUYING A HOME | WHICH IS BETTER | Real Estate 101 Philippines | What you need to know

If you’re planning to move out, you might be wondering, should I buy or rent? Today, we’re gonna discuss the pros and cons of each.

Dealing with personal finances, especially since it’s not taught in school can be quite hard and confusing. I hope this video and this channel will help you out in the challenges we are facing right now with personal finance, entrepreneurship and adulting in general.

►Outline :
0:00 – Intro
0:16 – Start of Video
1:08 – Outline
1:46 – Pros & Cons
4:07 – Unrecoverable Cost
5:10 – The 6% Rule
7:46 – Sample computations
7:54 – Price-to-Rent Ratio
9:00 – 6% Rule
9:42 – How Much can you afford?
9:48 – How Much can you afford: 28%
10:09 – How Much can you afford: 3X
10:27 – How Much can you afford: 30%
10:43 – Who should Buy
11:24 – Who should Rent
12:03 – Final thoughts

► Fave Agent/Brokers:
► Carla Camposano (Avida/Ayala)
09774709345 (Globe)
09610957854 (Smart)
► May Leuterio (Cebu Landmasters)
[email protected]
► RA 13-99 –
► 5% Rule –

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2Bhk With Mumty House For Sale in Jalandhar I KK REAL ESTATE


Stay Happy Stay Blessed

Is video me mein aapko 2Bhk With Mumty House For Sale Near Verka Milk Plant Jalandhar. dikha rha hu,Price hai Rs.28.50 lakhs Demand

Loan Facility Available upto 90%

Facing—South,approx size=25’X39’6″(987.5 sft.)=(109 sq.yards)=(4.77 marlas) 1 marla = 207 sft.,1 marla = 23 sq.yrds

Ground Floor :-

Bed Room :-two
Kitchen :-one
Bathrooms :-two(attached & common)
Store :-one
Lobby :-one
Porch :-one

First Floor :-

Mumty :-one
Terrace :-one

Services Provided By Our Team :-

1.Property Sale & Purchase
2.Builders & Developers
3.Architects & Interior Designers

Please Contact Us :-

Hello Friends,
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3. Pls Contact for any kind of construction of Home/House/Kothi/Ghar/Mkaan/Villa/Farm House/Shop/Commercial Building/Factory/Dukaan/flat etc.(With Material or Labour Rate) in Jalandhar,Punjab.

4. Pls Contact for any kind of Interior Design or Interior With Material or Labour Rate Contract for Home/House/Kothi/Ghar/Mkaan/Villa/Farm House/Shop/Commercial Building/Factory/Dukaan/flat Jalandhar,Punjab.

Disclaimer :-Please check everything before deal of any kind,This channel is not responsible for any kind of issue/problem/dispute.



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I Was Wrong! There is NO Real Estate Bubble!

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Strategic Money Planning: 8 Easy Ways To Put Your House In Order



How to BUY Your First Property (Rental or House) – Real Estate Investing

Invest in real estate with as little as $1!:

In today’s video, we’ll be speaking about the 12 steps that I used before purchasing my first rental property. These steps were paramount in the success of my first property transaction and can be applied to all investors. Make sure to follow me on Instagram: Griffin Milks

Resources I Use and Recommend:
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Here are the steps used to buy your first rental property:
Step 1: Save up for your downpayment. When buying your first property, I tend to recommend using an owner-occupant loan, with as little as 10% down. This allows you to leverage your capital quite a bit more, lower the time needed to save, and increase your potential return on investment.

Step 2: Getting your credit in order. Unless you’re paying for your property in cash, you’ll need to take out a mortgage loan on the property. This means that you will require good credit to secure a good interest rate and even get approved at all. Pay off your debts, clean up your loans, and increase your credit score.

Step 3: Talk to a mortgage broker and get pre-approved. Using a mortgage broker will save you time and grief for finding the best mortgage. This person will also help you get approved for a loan and steer you in the right direction. A pre-approval letter can be an asset to include in your offer.

Step 4: Start searching for properties and have a strategy in mind. Try to analyze as many properties as you can on the internet and then visit a couple dozen properties in person to get a good idea of the market and what’s available. In this step, we also speak about whether or not I purchase my properties in a corporation or not.

Step 5: Find a competent real estate broker. This individual will know the ins and outs of closing a deal, and what needs to be done in a contract. This is one of the most important steps in successful property business.

Step 6: Find a property that only needs cosmetic repairs. I would recommend doing as many of these cosmetic repairs as possible yourself when you are first starting out to save on cost and gain some experience.

Step 7: Determine the cash flows and ROI of the property. I prefer to use an online calculator to quickly calculate the cash flow and return for a property during my online research process.

Step 8: Place offers that make sense! I like a deal to make a MINIMUM of 15% cash on cash return in the first year. And then tack on to that all of the mortgage paydown and forced appreciation. This is because if the deal will give me a 10% return total, for the amount of time and effort I’d rather just put it into the S&P 500 and let it grow.

Step 9: Inspection of the property. A building inspection is also paramount to uncovering certain issues that you can’t see for yourself.

Step 10: Renovate your property. If the units are vacant, do the cosmetic repairs asap. If the units are rented out to tenants, wait until there is tenant turnover.

Step 11: Rent it out. Make sure to use professional photos on your listings and respond to applications in a timeline manner. This is the time to be very selective of your tenant. I use Facebook marketplace mainly.

Step 12: Rinse and repeat. Continue saving for new properties, which should be quicker since you’re paying down equity and could be saving the cashflows.

If you enjoyed this video, make sure to give it a like and subscribe to the channel for more investing content. My goal with this channel is to help all my viewers get one step closer to financial independence. Follow me on Instagram and TikTok: Griffin Milks

#realestate #rentalproperty #investing

0:00 Intro
2:30 Step 1
5:50 Step 2
8:28 Step 3
14:00 Step 4
19:45 Bonus
22:35 Step 5
24:08 Step 6
26:25 Step 7
32:15 Step 8
34:12 Step 9
35:24 Step 10
36:05 Step 11
38:09 Step 12

Disclaimer: This video description contains affiliate links, meaning that if you click on a product link, I may receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I do not promote products, services or companies I have not personally used or those which I do not recommend. All opinions are my own.



We take a look at Glenmuir Country Club in Clarendon, a new gated community consisting of 55 units. This development will feature 3 bed 2 bath bungalows, 3 bed 3 bath bungalows, and 2 bed 2 1/2 bath townhomes. prices start at $24 million JMD (£120,000 GBP) for the 2 bed 21/2 bathroom, $30.5 million JMD (153,000 GBP) for the 3 bed 2 bath, and $31.6 million JMD (£158,000 GBP) for the 3 bed 3 bath. Contact information is at the end of the video.


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