Cool Tiny Diys You Can Make In 5 Minutes


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It’s time for some winter holiday fun with Polly Pocket! Polly, Shani and Lila will show you how to make the cutest crafts and accessories inspired by 5-Minute Crafts. The first craft is an adorable paper mache unicorn. Start by drawing the outline of the unicorn on the cardboard, you’ll need two. Then, cut it carefully with safety scissors and use non-toxic glue to paste flexible cardboard all around the edges. Fill your unicorn with candy, glue the other unicorn cut-out, and decorate with paper mache!

Polly needs a bag to carry all her things, and you can make one for her. Take a sheet of glittery paper and cut out a rectangle. Then, paste a small arch of paper on the short end to work as a handle. Apply some glue on the sides and fold in the middle. Decorate with a seashell on each side, and Polly’s bag is ready!

Polly, Shani and Lila like relaxing as much as anyone, and a hammock is just what they need. To make a tiny hammock, you’ll need three colored pencils, a colorful piece of fabric, a paper straw, paper lollipop sticks and string. Tie the colored pencils together using a rubber band; then, cut the paper straw in half and glue to opposite sides of the fabric. Cut little holes on the edges of the straws and insert the lollipop stick. Tie the string to the hammock, hang it from the colored pencils, and the hammock is ready to go. Enjoy these and many other crafts for Polly Pocket!

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0:08 – DIY tree
1:04 – DIY glittery space makeup
1:33 – DIY mermaid headband
2:06 – DIY snowman
3:04 – DIY llama ears hair accessory
3:33 – tiny travel pillow
4:25 – DIY unicorn headband
5:32 – DIY tiny beach towel
5:38 – DIY paper mache unicorn
7:04 – DIY tiny hair mask bottle
7:42 – DIY alien headband

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My Little Pony Songs 🎵 Pinkie Pie's make a wish | MLP: FiM | MLP Songs

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My Little Pony – The Ponies:
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Action Bronson X Trap Toys Action Hero Figure - No Hype Ep 198

Action Bronson x Trap Toys Action Hero Figure – No Hype Ep 198

#ActionBronson #TrapToys #BootlegToys

Trap Toys x Action Bronson “Action Hero”
Once again UK’s bootleg toys legends, Trap Toys hits us with yet another winner. This time we get Sgt Wonderful himself, Action Bronson, in the perfect match up as an all American Hero. This figure is one of the best of the releases yet and is fir for any collector or fan of Bronson. The art work on the packaging is pretty sick as usual. Tune in for info on this instant classic.

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Eminem X Trap Toys Dhalslim Bootleg Toy - No Hype Ep 196

Eminem x Trap Toys DhalSlim Bootleg Toy – No Hype Ep 196

#TrapToys #Eminem #Bootlegtoys

Trap Toys x Eminem “Dhalslim”
Today we have the Rap God who literally spits fire. If you mix legendary lyricist Eminem with one of the coolest characters from the Street Fighter games and movies, you’ll get Dhalslim. Thank goodness we have a company like Trap Toys creating the dopest mash ups in the industry. This figure stands out in any collection and even comes in a blue variant that’s just as sick as the original. Will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

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Eminem x Trap Toys DhalSlim Bootleg Toy – No Hype Ep 196


Peppa Pig Giant Coloring Toy Set ! Toys and Dolls Family Fun Activities for Kids | SWTAD KIDS

SWTAD Kids. Speed coloring with giant Peppa Pig coloring set. Family fun playtime coloring Peppa Pig pictures. Toy set includes markers, crayons, stamps, stickers, and more. In this video we have lots of fun opening and playing with a giant Peppa Pig coloring set. It comes with two sets of markers, Peppa Pig’s family stickers with Daddy Pig, Mummy Pig, George, Granny Pig, Grandpa Pig. It also comes with color pencils, a ruler, and Peppa Pig and Friends stamps. The coloring set also includes several sheets of stickers with Peppa Pig characters like Zoe Zebra, Suzy Sheep, Pedro Pony, Rebecca Rabbit, Emily Elephant, Danny Dog, and more. This Peppa Pig deluxe art set also includes several Peppa coloring pages with Peppa’s family and friends.
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Snoop Dogg X Soto Toys Purple Suit Figure - No Hype Ep 188

Snoop Dogg x Soto Toys Purple Suit Figure – No Hype Ep 188

#SnoopDogg #SnoopDoggToy #HipHopActionFigure

Snoop Dogg x Sota Toys 9 inch Vinyl Figure
In 2003, iconic toy company, SOTA Toys released this 9 inch vinyl Snoop Dogg figure. Snoop’s pimp persona is something that we all know and love from classic Uncle Snoop and this figure fits right in that vein. Other than Biggie, Snoop has got to be one of the only rappers who’s been turned into an action figure or doll. What else do you expect from the best known rapper on the planet. It’s the DoggFather.

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Snoop Dogg x Soto Toys Purple Suit Figure No Hype Ep 188


Magic Ink & Disney Princesses ! Toys and Dolls Fun Learning Activities for Children | SWTAD Kids

SWTAD Kids. Toys and dolls family fun video for kids. More Coloring Videos
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Coloring With Magic Ink and Disney Princesses Dress Design by Stories With Toys & Dolls. Color Alive Frozen Elsa and Anna pictures in 4D. Family friendly, fun coloring Disney Princesses for toddlers and children. Kids of all ages will enjoy this video. Thanks for watching #swtadcoloring
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Diana and Roma pretend play climbing with activity toys

Diana and Roma playing outdoors. Children climb a tree and can not go down. Dad buys for kids new activity toy – Step2 Skyward Summit. Diana and Roma pretend play climbing. Fun video for kids
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2006 Public Enemy Mezco Figures - No Hype Ep 173

2006 Public Enemy Mezco Figures – No Hype Ep 173

#Mezco #PublicEnemy #ActionFigureReview
Mezco Public Enemy Figures
Legendary toy creator Mezco dropped these amazingly detailed figures back in 2006. These Public Enemy figures featuring Chuck D and Flava Flave are a must have for any collector. They feature all cloth outfits and incredible detail down to the gold on Flav’s teeth. Public Enemy became one of Def Jam’s more successful groups in the late 80’s and early 90’s by merging hard gangster tinted beats with militant and political lyrics. Throw in visuals directed by Spike Lee with Fight The Power and a legendary group was solidified.  Don’t believe the Hype. Grab these if you can.

2006 Public Enemy Mezco Figures No Hype Ep 173

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