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Club de Cuervos could become a real soccer team of Liga MX


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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

This story originally appeared on Cine Premiere

By Brenda Medel

Is the arrival of the brothers Salvador and Isabel Iglesias to the First Division of Mexican soccer about to become a reality? The businessman and publicist Carlos Alazraki announced, on his YouTube channel Desayunando con Alazraki , from Atypical Te Ve , that he has already closed the purchase of the Atlético de San Luis football team. After those statements, it began to be speculated, through social networks, if the team will change its name to Club de Cuervos , yes like the successful Netflix series starring Luis Gerardo Méndez and Mariana Treviño. However, the journalist also wanted to be very cautious and although they have not made it official, his words suggest that we could have a real version of Los Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo in Liga MX.

“Look, I haven’t talked to you, we already bought Atlético de San Luis, along with some gringo investors who like baseball,” said the publicist.

Information from ESPN indicates that Alazraki partnered with former Houston Astros manager Jeff Luhnow so that the Atlético de San Luis team is renewed with new directors and name. When his table mates insisted that he reveal the new name of the team, the journalist also replied “What do they care! I still can’t announce it. ” I can’t tell you, but you can imagine the name, that’s why we bought it .” Did someone say Los Cuervos de Nuevo Toledo? The chances of an early official confirmation ring out strong if we consider that the businessman owns the rights to the Club de Cuervos series through Alazraki Networks.

A Twitter user took up the talk:

«How magical is the Liga Mx !: Özil and Eva Longoria as Necaxa partners. The San Luis about to become Club de Cuervos at the hands of the Alazraki. Cruz Azul champion after 23 years. You don’t have to understand Liga MX, just enjoy it ».

If we review the records of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), the results show that since 2015 the Club de Cuervos brand belongs to Carlos Alazraki. In fact, it is pointed out that Club de Cuervos can be used for entertainment products and services. In addition, there are other registrations in process that classify the brand as «ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES; ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES IN THE NATURE OF A FOOTBALL TEAM AND SPORTS ACTIVITIES » .

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1622733152 Cuervos Impi2

The news has gained more force after the official Club de Cuervos Twitter account reactivated its publications after two years of absence.

ESPN also assures that Atlético de Madrid accepted Carlos Alazraki’s proposal due to the economic problems that the Spanish team began to suffer derived from the pandemic. It should be noted that during the 2020-21 opening, Atlético de San Luis was in last place in the general table; while in the closing 2020-21 he was in the penultimate place above the Necaxa Club. According to data from Marca Claro , the Atlético de San Luis team was awarded a fine of $ 120 million pesos , precisely for being the last in the table.

Club de Cuervos premiered in 2015 through Netflix becoming one of the most successful local series on the platform that earned it four seasons on the air. It also has a spin-off starring Jesús Zavala entitled Club de Cuervos presents: The Ballad of Hugo Sánchez .


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How to Test and Choose the Best Name for Your Business


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Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.

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When beta testing your business name, my first inclination is to say “Don’t.” Be confident. Stick to your choice. But that’s hard to do. You’ve likely never named a company before and will want some assurance that you aren’t totally crazy.

But some ways of getting feedback are better than others. Here’s how to set up a test for your name finalists.

Create a Deck

Using presentation software, find a photo that’s relevant to your industry. Place the image in the background of the slide and make it darker so the word will be clearly legible when viewed in white text. The image will make the word feel more like a brand name and less like a word on a screen. People must be able to imagine the name as something that stands for a company, not just a word on paper. I’d use the same image on each slide to ensure your group is responding to the word and not the image. Then create two slides for each name using two different fonts. For the first slide, use Helvetica. For the second, use Times New Roman.

Run a Focus Group

Gather a small focus group. The best group will have a broad cross-section of people. Ideally, they’d be potential customers, but that might be logistically difficult. The main thing is to ensure you have a range of people, from those who know a lot about language to those who have a fairly low literacy level. By that, I mean people who don’t read much or think critically about language. (This will be easy because that’s the majority of people.) This kind of group will give you valuable insight into how very different people will respond to your potential names. One person’s “I love it!” is someone else’s “No way. I don’t get it.”

Give your focus group 30 seconds with each slide, or a total of 60 seconds per name. Have them rate each name from 1 to 10. Also ask them to jot down a few initial impressions. Then go back through and tell them a few sentences about the back story to each name. Have them note down whether knowing what the name means makes their reaction more or less favorable. This will tell you if an origin story will help the name or hurt it.

Tally up the results. This information shouldn’t make the decision for you, but it will tell you how some people might respond to your name. Here’s a word of caution from Alexandra Watkins in her book Hello, My Name Is Awesome: “Because language belongs to all of us, most people feel very qualified to comment on it. What’s tricky is that we’re not very good at drawing the line as to which bits of linguistic comment require specialist knowledge and which don’t.”In other words, listen to what people say about the name, but remember that they’re not experts. Often people feel obligated to give their opinion when asked, even if they have no knowledge base for making that judgment.

How to Pick Just One

After eliminating some names with the above criteria and testing the remaining names with your focus group, you should now have fewer than five names on your list. Here are a few concrete ways to narrow your list down even more and determine which name is the best choice for you.

State Business Name Search

Go to your secretary of state’s website to see if the name is already registered in your state. There’s likely to be some competition for many names. You have to be able to register your name with the state to do business there, so the level of competition will help you eliminate some of your choices. Making sure no other business has your exact name is important; however, you’ll likely find names that are similar or that use some parts of your proposed name. For example, you might find an Acme Business Solutions. That does not prohibit you from registering Acme Pools as a business name.


At this point, you aren’t actually registering any names. You’re simply using the state business name search tool to whittle down your shortlist of names. You’ll likely be able to eliminate one or more names because they’re too similar to another name in your state and in your industry.

Basic Market Research

Next, do some Google searches to check for direct competitors with the same or similar names. Try looking by geography. For example, if you wanted to start an athletic shoe company in the Pacific Northwest called Nike (obviously not a good idea), you could search for “Nike Portland.” Or you can search by type of business: “Nike Athletic Shoes.” Or “Nike running shoes.”

You can do similar searches on social media platforms. Sometimes international companies that you might have missed elsewhere will show up there. Again, this isn’t a definitive approach to picking one name. These simple steps will eliminate any obvious, glaring issues that might come up, such as another company by the same or similar name in the same or a related industry. You won’t catch everything with these searches, but don’t worry—the next step will get anything you missed.


The next step is to run your finalists through a trademark search. You need to know if there’s someone out there who already has and will defend the name you want to use. The easiest place to do this is at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s website (https://www.uspto.gov/). This isn’t a substitute for applying for your own trademark—at this point, you’re just trying to eliminate names that are already trademarked by someone else.

In the end, it comes down to a difficult decision. With all the criteria, care, and technique in the world, you still can’t predict whether your customers will get it, love it, or just ignore it. You can put your best foot forward, though. And this process is oriented toward that goal.

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Burger King Tweets “Women Belong in the Kitchen,” And Social Media Is on Fire


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This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day is celebrated, commemorating the struggle of women for equal rights. In the interest of joining the commemoration, many brands speak out in favor of social movements, however, sometimes they do not do as well as they hope.

Within the framework of this day Burger King United Kingdom tweeted “women belong to the kitchen”, the tweet is accompanied by a thread with two more messages where the fast food company explains that it is launching a scholarship program to encourage female employees to pursue a culinary career and reduce the gender gap in this sector.

“We are on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career,” she says in the following tweet.

However, many users were left with only the first message, yes, the one that says that ‘women belong to the kitchen’ and Twitter burned.

“Someone who works at Burger King saw this and really thought it was a good idea,” says a user of the social network.

“Shout out to Burger King for damaging what could have been a fabulous tweet on behalf of women because they couldn’t help but make an outdated joke that men often use. However, happy International Women’s Day: D, “commented Hannah Rutherford, youtuber and Twitch streamer.

According to Fast Company , the message was adapted from a full-page ad in The New York Times , created by DAVID Miami agency for the US market, which put the headline and context in the same place.

“Only 24% of chef positions in the US are held by women.

That is why the BK Foundation launched a culinary scholarship program to bring more women to leadership positions in the industry.

Women belong to the kitchen if they want to work there. And hopefully in leadership roles, ”reads the message from Fer Machado, global marketing director for Restaurant Brand International (parent company of Burger King, Popeyes and Tim Hortons).

Machado told Fast Company that it is difficult for the brand to apologize “because the whole message was actually published.”

The executive also explained that they were discussing it, but that it is “a real shame it gets lost in the UK conversation. In the end, the intention behind what we are doing here is really good. And all of this is more than an ‘ad’ or a ‘tweet’ ”.

On the other hand, he added that they analyze their messages very well before launching them in different media and countries so that the intention is reflected in the best way, although they are always learning and trying to do better.

Delete that immediately

KFC Gaming responded to the hamburger brand with an image, which shows the pixelated face of a Colonel Sanders edited on a body pointing to a blackboard that says: “the best time to delete this post was immediately after it was done. The second best moment is now”.

To which Burger King replied: Why would we delete a tweet that is drawing attention to a major lack of female representation in our industry, we think you would agree with this too? We have launched a scholarship to help more of our female employees have the opportunity to pursue culinary careers.

To the response of the hamburger restaurant to KFC Gaming another user placed: “I don’t know, probably because you are attracting and validating conspiracy theorists of the sexist right …”, referring to another series of messages from users that validated the position of the first Tweet.

So far there has been no public apology or other manifestation of the fast food brand.


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