The Painful Truth About Dua Lipa Being “Canceled”, Adrian's Kickback, Belarus, & Today’s News

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00:00 – Dua Lipa CANCELLED
01:55 – Anti-Semetic Hate Crimes Rising
04:00 – AP Fires Journalist For Pro Palestine Posts
07:05 – Sponsor
07:56 – Hundreds Arrested At TikTok Party
09:30 – School Under Fire For Editing Girls’ Yearbook Photos
11:49 – Crypto Loses $1 Trillion
12:41 – Belarus Backlash After State Sponsored Plane Hijacking

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Dua Lipa Slams New York Times Ad That Condemned Her Pro-Palestine Stance:

Rise in Antisemitic Hate Crimes Reported:

Associated Press Writers Sign Letter in Support of Emily Wilder:

Nearly 150 Arrested at TikTok ‘Kickback’ Party After Thousands Attend:

School Altered Girls’ Yearbook Photos For Modesty Without Permission:

Goldman Sachs Officially Considers Bitcoin an Asset Class:

Belarus Accused of Forcing Airline to Land to Arrest Journalist:


Wuhan Lab Staff Had Symptoms Before Outbreak Was Disclosed, WSJ Reports:
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