This Old House | Brick and Mortar (S39 E19) | FULL EPISODE

An old fireplace will house a new stove. Tommy discusses using interior casework with exposed brick. The kitchen house brick needs repointing. Roger tours hidden gardens. Across town, demo continues while Tommy and Judith look at flooring options.

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Kevin finds builder Mark in the old dining room, which will become a new kitchen.

To accommodate the desired cabinet layout, the homeowners have decided their new range should slide into the space currently used as a fireplace. Mark shows Kevin what needs to be done to the fireplace in order to create the space.

With the plan to expose the brick on many of the walls in the house, Mark needs to decide how to handle the original casework around all the windows. He and Tommy discuss the options, and he shows homeowner Scott a mockup of what he thinks will look best for the house.

The brick and mortar in the single house date to the 1840’s. As they restore the kitchen house, they need to repoint the exposed brick. Master mason Mark McCullough has come to Charleston to inspect the old mortar and to check out how they update it down south.

Roger takes a tour of some hidden gardens with the Edwards’ landscape architect, Glen Gardner, starting with another Charleston Single House.

Work is just getting underway at the other project across town. Tommy checks in with a demo expert to see what they are discovering. Many joists and floorboards are rotted.

Judith plans on wood flooring throughout the house. Tommy takes her to a local showroom to discuss what she should consider when making selections.

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Demolition Crew
Category: Contractors & Services, Building Resources
Evans Group Demolition

Flooring shop
Category: Design, Flooring
Side Trip
Reclaimed Designworks

General Contractor – Single House
Category: Contractors & Services
Renew Urban

Mortar analysis and production
Category: Masonry, Contractors & Services, Building Resources
Side Trip

Roof Demolition
Category: Contractors & Services, Building Resources
Strymline Solutions

Visit to historic garden
Category: Landscaping, Design, Contractors & Services
Side Trip
Heyward-Washingon House
Expert assistance
Glen Gardner
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This Old House | Brick and Mortar (S39 E19) | FULL EPISODE


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