Topps Project 70 Satchel Paige X Dj Skee &Quot;Satchelmatic&Quot; Card - No Hype Ep 101

Topps Project 70 Satchel Paige x DJ Skee "SatchelMatic" Card – No Hype EP 101

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I have to overstate the fact that I’m not a card guy but I’m hooked on these Topps Project 70 releases. This Topps Project 70 card is the Satchel Paige x Dj Skee “SatchelMatic” card. This card is a mashup designed by DJ Skee between Nas’ Illmatic and Satchel Paige . Skee said his inspiration came because both Nas’ Illmatic and Satchels career were never recognized as legendary until after the fact. Another gem to add to the collection and best believe this Satchel Paige x DJ Skee Topps Project 70 card will be sitting next to my Nas section of my collection.

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