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Have you ever been in the middle of a job and discovered that you need a special tool, or piece of equipment that you didn’t have, or have even used before? Let’s say, for instance, it’s a left-handed garden widget that would make you life so much easier for this job. Especially when you don’t even know how often you would get to use it after this job…if ever?

You typically have two other choices: You could go out and find someone who wants to sale their used one … or …you could go out and rent one from someone so you get to know what these widgets are all about, and see if you even like using one. If you purchase a used one right off the bat, you don’t know if it is the right model of size for you, because you have no experience with garden widgeting. Also, with a used one, you don’t know how well it would run, or how it has been treated, and that could lead to real heartache.

Well, we’re sorry, but at Cruise America, we don’t rent garden widgets, but how about a used motorhome or a rental rv instead? At Cruise America, you get the best of both worlds! You may be new to the world of RV travel, and you may not be sure it’s your cup of tea. So go rent one at your local Cruise America rental center. You can visit us on the web, or drop by any of our rental centers … there are over 130 of them throughout the US and Canada, so you’re never far away from us.

Cruise America motorhomes come in different sizes, and one of our motorhome travel experts can help you decide which is the perfect model for you. Or you can try a different size each time you travel.

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Once you’ve realized the comfort and convenience of traveling in an RV, you may decide that you’d like to have one for your very own. If that turns out to be the case, there are plenty of used RV dealers out there, but beware, you have no idea of what those RVs have been through and how they run now. Your best bet would be to purchase one of Cruise America’s used RVs. That’s because you can do it without the normal concerns of buying from the typical used RV dealers. Cruise America is the original owner of all of their motorhomes, and they go to great lengths to keep their coaches in excellent running condition.

When we decide to sell one of our rental class C motorhomes, it’s to make room for a new one. We recondition and refurbish it to make sure that it’s in great shape and ready for the road. You can be assured that any of their RVs for sale are in excellent condition, ready to give you years of enjoyment.

So, in short, you can feel confident about renting a motorhome, or buying it … as long as it’s from Cruise America. Oh, and if we do start renting Garden Widgets … we’ll be sure to let you know!


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