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Communicate Kyle Glenn Unsplash
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Communication is one of the biggest buzzwords in the world today. There are numerous books, blogs, courses, even careers all centered around it. It’s importance cannot be argued. Although communication is very important for a number of reasons, one reason, that we sometimes dismiss, is that it is a powerful tool God has given us to show love and honor to others. Working on our communication skills is not just for our social or professional development. It’s a real and tangible way to make others feel loved and valued. It’s an opportunity to be Jesus to the people around us.

Communication is foundational to building healthy, secure relationships. Failure to understand or receive another’s communication often leads to negative consequences. Unfortunately, many people can identify bad communication, but not enough people know how to solve it. It’s important to remember that communication is not just about what you say, but how your listener hears it. If your listener misunderstands what you are trying to communicate, it won’t matter what you were originally trying to say because they are receiving the wrong impression. An essential key to effective communication is active listening.

Active listening is a practical way to honor another with your communication. It requires you to be present and give the person speaking your full attention. One tip is to repeat back to someone what they said by summarizing it in your own words. Additionally, if you are speaking, stop and ask the person listening if you’re on the same page or ask them what they are hearing you say to ensure there are no misinterpretations. By making an intentional effort to not simply hear others’ words or assume they understand what you are saying, you communicate respect, honor and value to them. This week, try to exercise active listening with the people in your life. Remember this is a way to be a blessing to others! Torch1

Steve Chua works globally as a pastor, counselor and executive life and leadership coach. His message helps people discover their God-given design and employ strategies to reject false mindsets so that they can live with the success, joy and fulfillment they were created for. Steve resides in Claremont, California, and has been married to his beautiful wife, Barbara, for nearly 30 years. Together they have 5 incredible kids.

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