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Why God Requires Fathers to Birth Nations — Charisma Magazine


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When I became a grandfather at 60, God my Father began to speak to me in a different way. My communication with Him changed. Formerly, I prayed mostly to Jesus (and still do). However, a transition began, and I began to talk to God my Father as Dad. As my perspective slowly changed, He began to share with me His Heart. Incrementally, I began to receive His Father’s heart. I began to understand what the Scripture meant when it stated the children of Israel knew God’s acts, but Moses knew His Ways (Ps. 103:7). I began to understand what was in His heart toward me, my family and all His children.

God the Father loves America. He wants America to reach the destiny the Founding Fathers prophesied over it. America was dedicated to God from its very beginning. The words that were spoken over it were planted in our soil, and God will accomplish His purposes in our nation. In preparation for America to accomplish her destiny, God gave us fathers. He gave wisdom to our Founding Fathers to establish the very idea America is based upon: the principle of individual rights, which are inalienable coming from God and not from the government.

Pursuant to God’s purposes for America, He gave us three presidents who had His Father’s heart. These presidents are George Washington, the father at the birth of our nation; Abraham Lincoln, the father during the transition through the Civil War; and Donald J. Trump, the father during the rebirth of America. Every birth requires a father.

My Father showed me (as I previously prophesied) that Donald Trump was like Jacob. Afterward, He showed me just like America has three presidents who are fathers to us, the nation of Israel had three fathers as well. Do you know who they were? The fathers of faith, of course! Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! When God changed Abram’s name to Abraham, He made a covenant with him to be the Father of many nations. The common thread of all these men who were anointed to be fathers was they each had a Father’s heart.

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Every good father has the desire to provide, protect and pass on knowledge to the next generation. Can you see these motivations in Trump in his quest to Make America Great Again? The desire to provide is embedded in making our economy great. The desire to protect is demonstrated in building the wall. The desire to pass on knowledge is embedded in giving the power to govern back to the people. No wonder those in power want him removed at all costs. It’s not Trump they are going after; it’s us. He is only standing in the way like any good father would do, no matter what the cost. This is what Trump has been anointed to do for us. No worries, America; he is coming back. God shall save us. Torch1

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